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The elements of the BEE Scorecard

The Scorecard elements by SANAS-accredited BEE rating agency BEE Empowered

Direct empowerment

Equity Ownership: 20%

  • Entitlement of black people to voting rights and economic interest associated with holding equity.
  • Management: 10% Genuine participation in decision-making at board, executive management and operations levels as well as the assumption of real risk.

Human resources development

Skills Development: 15%

  • Alignment with the Skills Development Act.
  • Measures both skills spend and output through clearly defined outcomes of skills development programmes.
  • Use of Learning Programme Matrix.

Employment Equity: 15%

  • Targets junior management through to senior management levels.
  • Alignment with existing legislation.
  • Encourages advancement of black people in areas where there is a lack of representation.

Indirect empowerment

Preferential Procurement: 20%

  • Preference to enterprises who are high BEE contributors.
  • Generic – 3 and not 4 categories of suppliers are ranked.
  • QSE (Qualifying Small Enterprises) – one weighting to all suppliers (40% x 25).
  • Promotes BEE compliance by all entities, and thus encourages transformation throughout the economy.

Enterprise Development: 15%

  • Measurement of enterprise development initiatives and industry-specific contributions.
  • Access to finance: Loans, equity, seed capital, etc.
  • Non-financial assistance: Training and mentoring, preferential credit facilities; capacity-building programmes for QSEs; access to infrastructure at low cost or no cost; business linkages (i.e. procurement opportunities) and industry-specific contributions.

Socio-Economic Development: 5%

  • Focuses on education, health and other relevant social development areas.
  • Development programmes for women, youth, people with disabilities, etc.
  • Health: scholarships, bursaries.
  • Training: adult basic education and training (ABET), skills development.
  • Environment: conservation.
  • Arts and culture.
  • Sport.

Key principle

For the beneficiaries to have sustainable access to South Africa’s economy.

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