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Objectives and implications of BEE

Objectives and implications of BEE by SANAS-accredited BEE rating agency BEE Empowered

Objectives and implications of BEE

  • Transform SA’s economy by allowing meaningful participation of black people.
  • Substantially change the racial profile of company owners, managers and skilled professionals.
  • Increase the ownership and management of companies by black women, communities, workers, cooperatives and others, helping them access more economic opportunities.
  • Promote investment that leads to broad-based and meaningful participation in the economy by black people.
  • Help rural and local communities access economic opportunities and promote access to finance for Black Economic Empowerment.

The direct effect of BEE on an enterprise can only be determined once its BEE scorecard rating is calculated. Contact us for further information on the BEE scorecard system or to learn more about micro-enterprises’ exemption from BEE.

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